B.A.M. is a young eccentric artist who has recently moved to Atlanta for bigger music opportunities and a chance to create a larger impact with her music. With no current niche genre, she keeps her volume of work genreless and fluid, making whatever is in her spirit to make.

She says her influences are everything and anything she’s ever heard. Ever since childhood, B.A.M. had to endure a very controlling and harsh upbringing that would later influence her style and music. B.A.M. started performing in school plays and local theater since elementary school where she has always felt most comfortable on a stage.

Learning violin at an early age helped her love all music early on. Always looking at life with a unique lens and perspective she is extremely grateful and thankful for her past. She believes that this allows her to be aware of things most people don’t notice or consider. She shares her experiences through music and hopes to encourage others to be themselves and create a space where ALL are welcome.

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